Patient Information Videos: Labour and Delivery

Being a mother is a tough, but rewarding job. Not a day goes by when we are not grateful for the hard work of mothers, and the sacrifices they make.

Millions of women worldwide give birth every day, either vaginally or via Cesarean section. Childbirth is a life-changing event with long-lasting effects on mothers, families and communities, so it is vital to support and empower women to understand their care.

At Digital Surgery, we understand that educating patients is at the heart of delivering high-quality medical care and safe surgery.

The following animations explore the different ways women give birth, and the care they can expect to receive.

Natural Birth

Cesarean Section

A Cesarean section is an abdominal surgery to deliver a baby via the abdomen. It may be necessary to perform this procedure due to complications in pregnancy or labor, but women may also plan in advance to have a Cesarean section. This is also called an elective surgery.  

Disclaimer: These simulations have been created as aids to surgical training. They are not designed to replace or substitute real life operative experience, a recognised surgical training program, or the advice of a qualified healthcare professional, and they should not be used for these purposes. The surgical procedures depicted in the simulations must not be performed by any person who is not medically qualified, registered and regulated by the relevant authorities in their territory of practice to perform surgery. Medical professionals are responsible for their own clinical and surgical decisions, and should not rely on the simulations in making them. Patients should not disregard or avoid professional medical advice, or delay seeking it, because of the information in the simulations. These simulations have not been endorsed or approved by any governmental body or by any medical association or organization.