Touch Surgery Announced Winner of the Telegraph Tech 4 Good Pioneers 2019 Awards

Hundreds of millions of pounds are to be spent on technological projects for social good, the government announced today, as the Telegraph held its first “Tech For Good” conference.

Speaking at the event in London, Nicky Morgan, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, announced the appointment of five new “Turing fellows” – experts at the UK’s national institute for data science and artificial intelligence (AI) – who will work on deploying AI safely, and without bias.

Their roles are part of a £370m investment aimed at using technology to transform healthcare, improve mental health diagnosis and build more sustainable mass transport.

At the same event, Facebook’s European boss Nicola Mendelsohn announced measures to prevent terrorists live-streaming atrocities on the giant social media platform, announcing a partnership with the Metropolitan Police’s elite Firearms Command unit in which body-camera footage from officers involved in training exercises will be used to improve Facebook’s AI-detection systems.

The aim is to refine those systems until they are able to spot and block terrorist atrocity livestreams before they can spread across the internet.

In opening the conference, Nicky Morgan described the deployment of technology for good or ill as “one of the most important policy questions facing Governments all across the world.

“In essence,” said Lady Mendelsohn, “technology is both Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.”

With half the planet now online, and a third using Facebook services, she said “inevitably, some people will use their voice to organise violence, undermine elections, or hurt other people, and we have a responsibility to address those risks.”

She defended Facebook’s record, however, saying that its automated screening technologies had improved drastically since 2015, when they were “really limited”.

“I couldn’t work at Facebook if I didn’t believe that technology was ultimately a force for good,” she said.

The announcements came as hundreds of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and policy makers gathered in central London for the first Telegraph Tech4Good awards, celebrating the contributions of British technology companies making a positive social impact.

Entrants from across the country were narrowed to a shortlist of 10, which included companies with a huge range of ambitious goals from addressing climate change, to democratising data gathering in space, helping to reduce hand tremors, or developing sustainable housing.

Touch Surgery, which has digitised surgical training using virtual walk-throughs. Their techniques capture data and help to improve outcomes, and has the potential to help spread advanced surgical techniques around the developing world.

M Squared, manufacturer of high-precision lasers, which enable satellites to detect pollution in our atmosphere with high accuracy. Such lasers are also central to harnessing the quantum computing revolution, which promises a dramatic leap forward in processing power compared to the computers of today.

SuperAwesome, which provides tools to ensure that children can browse the internet and engage online in safety.

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  • Touch Surgery
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