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Digital Surgery became part of Medtronic

by Jean Nehme, co-founder at Digital Surgery

We started our journey with a simple, yet bold mission: to help deliver more consistent and accessible surgical care for patients globally. Along the way, we digitized surgical procedures, creating a new way for surgeons to train via the Touch Surgery app, and took bold steps into the Operating Room (OR) with our real-time AI and data product, Touch Surgery Enterprise.

Along this journey, we have had highs and lows. We have raised money from leading institutional investors, worked with incredible industry partners, and have built a phenomenal team. 2019 was a particularly big year for us, filled with big milestones: further validation of the Touch Surgery app – including the first-ever institutional accreditation for a mobile-based education and training solution – by the Royal College of Surgeons England; and increasing deployment of our real-time AI and data product.

At the end of the year, we were faced with a big decision: to continue independently and partner with a world-renowned investor, or to join forces with the world’s largest medical technology company. We chose the latter.

We are incredibly excited to announce that as of 12th Feb 2020, Digital Surgery became part of Medtronic, a global leader in medical technology, services and solutions. We are excited to continue our journey as part of Medtronic.


Surgery has always been fertile grounds for innovation – from the pacemaker to the surgical robot – the OR is where advancements in technology are put to meaningful use: the restoration of health and wellness.

We built Digital Surgery on the fundamental belief that computing power and data will underpin the next frontier of surgical care. Surgeons and surgical teams will be supported with data, inside and outside of the OR; and computing power will aid decision-making in real-time.

Now our expertise in data, AI and digital education and training will combine with Medtronic’s expertise and legacy in designing breakthrough medical technologies. It’s a truly complementary partnership conceived on the premise of a shared vision, with patient benefit and global scale in mind. The products we build together will allow us to continue the tradition of meaningful innovation in surgery, but more importantly, to continue to serve patients and the surgical teams delivering their care.

Our plans for the future

We have exciting plans for the future. We intend to continue operating from our HQ in London, England. We plan to work closely with healthcare partners like the NHS and intend to expand our workforce.

Andre and I will continue to provide leadership to the company, along with our entire Executive Team, as we execute on our plans.

Our team, customers, patients and fellow entrepreneurs

We could not have done it on our own, and we’d like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to some amazing people.

To our team, past and present:
Today’s milestone belongs to you above all else. Andre and I count ourselves incredibly lucky to work with such dedicated and talented individuals everyday. We are incredibly humbled that you have chosen to be part of the Digital Surgery story. Thank you for choosing us.

To our partners and customers:
Our mission remains unchanged and we remain dedicated to positively impacting the way surgery is delivered.

To patients around the world:
We are incredibly privileged to be a part of the care you receive, and we remain dedicated to improving the quality of care for you and your loved ones.

Stay tuned!

It’s a truly exciting time for us here at Digital Surgery and we are far from finished. We look forward to working together with Medtronic to help improve the future of surgical care through AI, data and education and training.

Yours truly,

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