GoSurgery User Guide

What is a surgical workflow, and how is it broken down?

A Surgical Workflow is the documentation of your procedure, made up of Objectives and Steps.

An Objective is an overarching goal, describing a principal section of the surgical workflow.

A Step is a physical action that is done by the surgeon to achieve one of the Objectives.

The structure of a Step includes the action, instrument, and anatomical location. For example:

Use (instrument) to (action) to (anatomy).

Screw(action) the nail(instrument) into the femur(anatomy).

Tips are additional information that help to achieve a step safely. This can include other surgical approaches, anatomical information or instrument utility.

Instruments are the tools used to perform an action in a step.

An image can be added to a Step to further support communication.

Creating a new workflow

This video shows you how to create a surgical workflow.
It outlines how you can break down your surgical approach into objectives and steps, and ways to add tips, instruments and media.

Editing a workflow

This video outlines how you can edit an existing workflow.
Add other objectives and steps, and corresponding tips and instruments.
It also goes through how you can reorder objectives and steps.

Rehearsing a workflow

This video outlines how you can rehearse a workflow on the TouchSurgery app.
Allow others to consume your workflow on TouchSurgery, to view all your objectives and steps

Copying a workflow

This video outlines how you can create a copy of an existing workflow, to use as a template.
Use the editing functions to customize your workflow.

If you have any issues using the app, please contact gosurgerysupport@digitalsurgery.com