Every minute counts.

Delays are costly. Outcomes and quality can vary. Waste is ubiquitous.

GoSurgery is part of the Digital Surgery Ecosystem

This is how the ecosystem works:

What does GoSurgery do?

GoSurgery enhances training, preparation, team coordination, surgical processes and quality improvement

“GoSurgery has made my OR more coordinated and easier to manage. I’ve seen better engagement from my team every time we’ve used it.”

– Bariatric Surgeon, London

How does GoSurgery work?

Collaborate to create
surgical maps

Share with other
OR members for training

Guide all team members
in the OR

Improve future performances
by getting insights on the operation

Who benefits from GoSurgery?

can share their approaches with team members ahead of the case

can prepare for upcoming cases by training on surgeon-specific approaches and preferences

can setup the OR more efficiently and better anticipate next steps during the case

can analyze processes and insights to identify opportunities for improvement

Safe, accessible surgery for all.

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